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FOR LIFE is a line of dietary products, recently called dietary supplements. As a dietary supplement, they supplement the normal diet ingredients that are necessary and important for normal functioning. Dietary supplements often contain vitamins and minerals, whose role in the body are well known. Vitamins and minerals are included in the composition of many enzymes that participate in all biochemical processes. In products of line For Life, they are in concentrated form in amounts that correspond to the daily needs of the average person. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is the recommended daily intake for individual vitamins and minerals. RDA values for certain vitamins and minerals are the subject of continuous study of the health institutions in Europe and America, on the basis of scientific knowledge. The quantity of vitamins and minerals For Life products are compliance with the latest recommendations.  

On the other hand, there are ingredients that the human body does not naturally contain, such as royal jelly, propolis, cranberry and chitosan, which is doubtless confirmed to have a beneficial effect on health.



Bee products, royal jelly and propolis, were used in the past as part of traditional recipes around the world. Today, products with these natural ingredients get confirmation through scientific research that is conducted in many countries. The results are very encouraging, even when applied in severe disease or as an adjunct to a therapy. The new termed introduced Apitherapy, means the treatment of bee products. In this way, traditional knowledge based on experiences of previous generations gets scientific explanations.

Products For Life with Royal jelly and propolis, due to many valuable ingredients, primarily acting on increasing resistance of the organism. They can be taken preventively, before symptoms shows. Help in the treatment of disease, relieving and eliminating stress, as well as in increased mental and physical effort. They are very useful in the period of recovery from illness, also in natural processes of growth, development, and aging and loss of function of the organism.

The immune system is a defense of the organism in all cases when a foreign agent enters the body. These may be bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, toxic substances, and changed the body's own cells in malignant diseases, radiation, drugs taking... The immune system reacts before we are able to feel that our body is attacked. For immunity is said that is "the first line of defense." Symptoms that indicate that something is wrong with our organism, such as fever, tiredness, cold, bad skin condition, hair loss, or anxiety, comes later. Therefore the powerful immune system is important for maintaining health in the fight against disease and other serious conditions, and during recovery from illness.

 Products FOR LIFE with Royal jelly and propolis acts as a universal immunity stimulator. The addition of certain vitamins or minerals, further increases action of immunity stimulator and directs it to the fight against certain specific problems. Thus, it is known that vitamin C and zinc, as confirmed antioxidants and agents that bind the free radicals, particularly effective for flu or cold. Vitamin B Complex a favorable effect on the state of the nervous system, while vitamin A (beta-carotene) excellent for vision and skin.

Food supplements containing bee products Royal jelly and propolis can be used by children, adults and elderly. Caution is advised for persons who are allergic to bee products.

FOR LIFE products in fight against free radicals reduce the negative impact of contaminate environment - land, air, food and water, rich in pesticides and other toxins. Harmful effects of contaminate environment often are not even aware, and there is no way to avoid them. Due to many commitments and lack of time, we do not care enough about health, do not eat healthy food, do not stay enough in nature, and not regularly go no medical controls.

FOR LIFE products are recommended in order to preserve health, and also as valuable nutritional supplements that will help you easily overcome disease and recover.

FOR LIFE products can help in stressful situations where modern life is abundant - increased physical and mental effort, such as sports, physical work, learning, demanding jobs and more.

FOR LIFE products are recommended as a supplement in nutrition of the young organism in the period of intense growth and development in puberty.

FOR LIFE products helps your immune system to fight against the problems that brings the natural aging process of the organism, such as menopause, weakening muscles, memory and more.

Recently, dietary supplements containing cranberry and chitosan gained great popularity, not without reason. These are completely natural ingredients. Cranberry is a plant similar to our blueberry, which grow wild in North America and which is found to have a significant effect in urinary infections. More about cranberries can be found in product FOR LIFE Urinoprotect capsules.

Chitosan is another ingredient that comes from nature. It was determined that this substance, which comes from the shell of crustaceans (crabs, shrimp, etc.), binding fat and thereby contributes to the reduction in body weight regulation and lipid levels in the blood. More about chitosan action you can read in FOR LIFE Weight Control product.

FOR LIFE products are made from imported raw materials, the world's best known and recognized manufacturers. Production is done according to the principles of good manufacturing practice in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and HCCP

All the ingredients are controlled and support the highest standards of quality, including the hard cellulose capsules, which provide additional stability of sensitive natural ingredients, protecting them from adverse impacts of air, moisture and light.

It is important to note that in production FOR LIFE products are used capsules of plant origin, or cellulose, unlike gelatine capsules which are of animal origin, and therefore are without risks of portable spongiform encephalopathy.

Also, in order to preserve the stability of the ingredients in the technological process of making products FOR LIFE, freeze-drying process is included which under special conditions of reduced temperature and pressure, removes moisture from fresh royal jelly and fresh pineapple. In this way biologically valuable ingredients can be preserved much longer than fresh because it significantly reduces the adverse effect of moisture, which accelerates chemical reactions and leads to the destruction of sensitive components and reduce efficacy. Freeze-drying technology is a complex process that requires high skills and special equipment.

Health safety of products FOR LIFE is controlled by Institute of Public Health.