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Dietary supplement – 30 capsules

Chitosan is a substance of natural origin, similar to cellulose. It is obtained from Chitin polysaccharides, which is located within the shell of crustaceans, such as lobsters, crabs and shrimps. The human body can not digest chitosan, or cellulose. Unlike cellulose, which has hydrophilic properties (associated with the water) chitosan is lipophilic substance (attaches to a fat). Chitosan in the digestive tract is associated with fat, under its influence increasing the size and weight of intestinal contents, which are easier to dispose of the organism. Dietary fibre containing chitosan, the body can not digest, which favorably affects mobility and bowel movements. Besides fat carbohydrates is associated and prevents their absorption and utilization. In this way, toxins (including heavy metals) are less retained in the intestines, and are easily removed and reduce the possibility of entering the blood. Chitosan reduced sense of flatulence in the stomach, increases peristalsis.

By favor of these properties, chitosan favorable effect on cholesterol levels in the blood. New tests have confirmed that chitosan leads to reduction of LDL-cholesterol levels, while HDL-cholesterol connection.


Chitosan favorable effects on lowering blood pressure, because the positively charged dietary fibre associate chlorine from salt and thereby reduce its absorption. Pineapple, in the form of concentrated powder contains enzymes, bromelain, that a favorable effect on digestion.

Mineral chromium, as triad, is the essential mineral. It is one of the microelements, because in the organism is in very small quantities. Affect the regulation of blood glucose levels and reduce cholesterol levels. RDA for chromium is 40 μg, while the maximum daily intake is 150 μg.

WEIGHT CONTROL is recommended:

- for reduction of body weight

- to regulate glucose levels in blood

- to regulate the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood



 1 capsule contains:

Chitosan ……................ ....... 300 mg

Freeze-dried pineapple ........ 50 mg

Chromium …............................. 30 g