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GSN Group Company Ltd. was established in 2007 in Belgrade, with the idea to produce a natural elixir, facial creams and other products, the ecological basis, without adding additives and preservatives. However, signing the business-technical cooperation contract with Belchem Company from Belgrade was formed natural production of dietary supplements by the world's most advanced pharmaceutical methods. It starts from the strictly controlled supply of natural raw materials, which is done in specially equipped laboratories accredited by the state. Controlled raw materials are stored in the warehouses, which are specially equipped for their care, with periodic control of the competent inspection.


Raw materials are then exposed to freeze-drying process, which reduces humidity to less than two percent, so does not disturb the structure of cells. Also, the raw materials in this way keep all the nutrients and medicinal substances (this treatment NASA handles all the food that cosmonauts consume during the space travel). Freeze-dried raw material encapsulate in gelatinous capsules of cellulose origin, packed in the packaging and put into circulation. Control of finished products is carried out also in specially equipped and accredited laboratories, and control treatment fully comply the regulations. Currently, the production is performed by international standards of HACCP and ISO9001-2000. Standardization was performed by TUV Rheinland, and obtained certificate was signed in Zurich, Switzerland.